Some fancy visualizations for boards. Most likely only useful, if you're doing Kanban ;-)

Welcome to Trelloviz.

Since a few weeks, I'm a happy employee (switched employer) and working in a team, practicing the Agile Manifesto. In detail, we're using Kanban as our primary software development methodology.

For organizing our lists and cards we're using Trello, which is a great tool (and piece of software). For getting a better feedback on how the flow is constant or not, there are some metrics out there. One of them is the cumulative flow diagram.

A sample screenshot of the Trelloviz prototype

This project aims to visualize your flow, by using the Trello API to retrieving your card and list usage. In theory, all information can be extracted out of this actions over a given time span.


Follow and contribute

There's a public visible Trello board, called Trelloviz-Development. You're invited to send feedback, bugs, suggestions and more ...

Thanks to ...

HTML5 Powered with CSS3 / Styling, Graphics, 3D & Effects, and Semantics

Thanks to the work of @philogb and providing the great JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit, the graphics looking so good :-)


Apache License v2.0 (details)

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